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許多網民其實都有各自通過 Google Maps 來提供公園連道的地圖(我就是其中一位),以下就是我看過最完整的!超感謝 Jonathan Hiew!

For a newbie cyclist, riding on the busy roads of Singapore is definitely not an easy task. Fortunately National Parks Board has provided Singaporeans with Park Connector Network, allowing newbie cyclists to experience the joy of commuting rides. Yet, improper signages along the routes and the lack of a complete map of the park connectors on Nparks’ website has always given me headaches trying to maneuver from one point to another.

A lot of netizens have tried to use Google Maps to map out the whole network (including yours sincerely), but the following map is the most complete and most updated I’ve ever come across. Kudos to Jonathan Hiew for his superb effort!

[gpp_button color="blue" url="https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zYN7CFn96k94.k5NpSMlBEPvI" icon_left="location" target="_blank" size="medium" display="block"]點擊看全圖 Click here for full map[/gpp_button]

Note: I’m still trying to figure out how to use the new Google Maps Engine on an iOS device. A guide will be added soon.

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